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about us

An LCSW Corporation

"Your #1 Southern California MSW Service Provider"


We are a group of experienced, committed professionals providing excellence social services, working together to help improve the quality of life of the people we serve.  Our interest is only the best interest of our patients. Our goal is to help people live happy and healthier lives. 

Our associates are prepared to understand the relationship between the physical and social environment and the impact it has on the emotional well-being of the patients and the role it plays in the rate of their recovery.  Our role is to provide a wide range of services to ensure the patient’s needs are met.  These services are not only limited to linkage to community resources or helping with long-term planning but also include short-term counseling and crisis intervention to patients and their families.

Our multi-lingual, multi-cultural group of professionals has been a strong asset to this organization.  We surely represent the different ethnicities of Southern California.  Our languages include English, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Armenian, Farsi, and Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, and Chachao).  In addition, we have collectively (500) years of combined experience in the healthcare and mental health fields ready to meet the needs of our clientele.  It is because of this diversity, that we are able to match the language and cultural needs of the patients we serve.


Advanz Social Services is dedicated to providing quality, prompt, and professional social services to our clientele.  The associates are disciplined to follow the NASW Code of Ethics and to honor the requests of our patrons and patients with prompt and efficient attention.  Through courtesy, integrity, compassion, and professionalism, the associates are dedicated to enhancing the lives of their recipients and to reach and uphold the highest standards of care. 


Advanz Social Services will be recognized as the lead agency in providing the utmost quality, professional and efficient medical social services in the home health community in Southern California, medical clinics and other fields of social work served by Advanz.



The belief of Advanz Social Services is that if all employees and associates take PRIDE in their work, our patrons, patients, medical clinics and the home health community, in general, will seek us out as their primary provider of medical social services.


The associates at Advanz Social Services are trained and committed to:

Provide timely and accurate assessments of patient’s problems and needs
Sympathize with and validate patient’s concerns and feelings
Service patients with respect and knowledge of their age and needs and without discrimination
Educate patients and their families on skills for better coping and management of illness
Assist with additional supportive services through linkage to community resources and ensure that such resources are in place
Be available, timely, effective, safe, efficient, caring, respectful, compassionate, and maintain professional and personal integrity as well as outstanding character and principles in the performance of their job
Maintain integrity in their work
Be courteous to our patrons and clientele
Cooperate and maintain a team and ethical approach to fully meet the needs of our patrons, patients, and clientele as well as with co-associates