Advanz offers an integrated and variety of medical social services.

Home Health & Palliative Care Medical Social Work

Our organization maintains compliance with all Federal/Medicare Home Health Laws & Regulations as well as all mandated Conditions of Participation.  We currently service many home health and palliative care agencies throughout Southern California.

Senior Social Services

These services extend to include private case management and planning, in-home counseling, and advocacy to maximize the patient’s potential for independent living.

Maternal Health Counseling

We have extensive experience in providing Psychosocial Services to recipients of the Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program (CPSP).  We currently service over 50 medical clinics in Los Angeles County.

Family Counseling Services

Our professionals are ready to provide individual, couples or family therapy in the comfort of their home or in one of our three different locations.  We also provide parenting classes, couples/relationship skills classes, anger management classes, and various support groups.


In-Home Health Care:

The medical social worker is an integral part of the home health care team.  Following physician’s orders, our medical social workers conduct an in-depth psychosocial assessment in the patient’s home, which helps determine the patient’s needs, identify limitations and issues of concern for the patient or the family that may interfere with the patient’s recovery.  The medical social worker provides education on available community resources, linkage to these resources to help increase the support system, assist with advance directives, and placement of patients in assisted living facilities, provide counseling to help cope with lifestyle changes or losses which resulted from the illness, teach coping skills, provide crisis intervention and supportive counseling.  Follow-up home visits are only done if it is warranted and is approved by the physician and home health agency.

Advanz is dedicated to the continued education of our associates.  Therefore, we hold quarterly meetings to update them on Medicare changes and its conditions of participation for home health care; updates and changes in community resources to provide better information to the patients; in-service them on counseling treatment modalities to help the patients cope better with their lifestyle changes and overall help patients achieve optimum independence and reduce re-hospitalizations.

In addition, we also attend any meetings required by Medicare and its conditions of participation; such as PAC/PAB, QA or UR meetings, and case conferences.  Moreover, we conduct chart review audits and provide in-service training on a variety of topics such as:

Utilization of Medical Social Services in Home Health Care
Elder Abuse and Mandated Reporting Laws
How to Manage Stress
Depression and the Elderly
Understanding and Accepting Cultural Diversity

In Senior Social Services:

One of our latest projects is the development of Advanz Senior Social Services.  This program was developed for clients who may not necessarily meet requirements or be participating in-home health care.  The social worker provides a comprehensive psychosocial assessment, at the clients’ home to address the emotional, environmental, social, financial and familial factors affecting their overall well-being.  With her/his expertise, the social worker is able to assist with a personalized care plan to provide case management and planning, coordination and linkage to community agencies, one on one counseling services, ensure clients safety, follow-up to ensure all services are provided and enable the clients to achieve their own independence and maintain their dignity and integrity while still helping the clients remain where they want to be, their home.

Our professionals utilize various clinical modalities to engage clients in the therapeutic process.  These are:

Emotional Supportive Counseling
Cognitive Behavioral Counseling
Grief Counseling

In Maternal Health Counseling:

These services are conducted in medical clinics.  The associates are prepared to perform a complete psychosocial evaluation of the patient, on location, and provide supportive counseling services to the recipients of CPSP during their pregnancy.  We provide individual counseling, couples counseling and family counseling.  We also conduct psychosocial group classes where we teach parenting skills and relationship skills to the recipients of the program.  We specifically focus on the following high risks situations:

Teen Pregnancy and Self Esteem
Advanced Maternal Age Pregnancy
Depression and Post-Partum Depression
Abandonment of Father of Baby
History of Infant Loss

In Family Counseling Services:

Besides the above services, we have now opened our offices to the community in general through Advanz Family Services.  Our professional staff is trained to provide individual, couples or family therapy in the comfort of their home or in one of our three different locations, Alhambra, El Monte, and the City of Los Angeles.  In addition, we provide the following classes:

Parenting Skills
Relationship Skills
Anger Management
Personal Development
Teenage Self-Image and Self-Esteem 

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